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 US-Nigeria Real Estate Collaboration Conference and Exhibition

The US-Nigeria Real Estate Collaboration Conference and Exhibition is an international conference and exhibition that bridges the real estate industry gap in affordable housing and technology, real estate investment, and development.
Date: September 11–13, 2024.
Venue: Bob Duncan Center 2800 S. Center Street Arlington, Texas 7601, USA
About Us

How do I buy lands
in Nigeria?

This is why we exist – To answer vital real estate questions like this and provide you with opportunities to own the best lands in prime locations across Nigeria without stress or worry.

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What We Offer

Land in the best locations

Lands in Abuja, Lands in Imo State, Lands in Port Harcourt —
We present you with the largest undeveloped and gold-filled land properties in the country.

Properties for sale around Nigeria

We connect you to real estate properties across the four cardinal points of Nigeria to help you expand your investment portfolio, find a place to build your desired home or set up your business space.

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If you’re thinking about dipping your hands in your pockets and investing in landed properties in Nigeria, it’s important to pick from the best that meet your goals.

Property Service

We help you to own properties
fast and easy.

Terranos Limited has sold multi-million-naira parcels of land before we’ve even had a chance to have photos taken.

Land Purchase

We specialize in the acquisition and sale of landed properties.

Property Development

We are also into the mapping of sites for the development of units.

Real Estate Consultancy

Confused? Not sure which or where to buy your property? Let’s help you with that.

Why Choose Us

Trust is Our Keyword

We keep our word and deliver on every promise; from employees to clients everyone matters to us because we place great importance on reputation over short term reward.


We construct better ways and methods to ensure our clients’ needs are well satisfied.


Our creativity always finds practical ways to solve your land purchase problems.


Practice makes perfect. We’ve been delivering landed properties for years!

24/7 Support

No jokes, we’re always here for you; to help you own landed properties across Nigeria.

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We help you to market, buy or sell, develop, and manage your real estate investment from start to finish for the best results.